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The two main harbours  of Antigua, English, and Falmouth Habour, are situated on the south side of Antigua, side by side. Work in English harbour, home to Nelson's Dockyard was completed in 1745, and was Britain's main naval base for the West Indies. Today Antigua is one of the yachting centers of the Caribbean.

April 14th - Arrived in Falmouth Harbour at 7:30am after a 9 hour sail through the night. Alex and Tom goofed around with the camera on passage, so here's just a few of the photos that they took!

boo.jpg (52728 bytes)  < David doing important navigation stuff, oh and Alex getting in the way, as always!

peek a boo.jpg (76301 bytes) < Tom going to bed, Peek a boo.    passage1.jpg (62111 bytes) < A boring photo of a rainbow. hehe.


April 17th - Went to to "An Evening Affair" at the Antigua Yacht Club marina at 6pm. There was wine tasting, finger foods, and all the shops were open for you to look around. As we were climbing out our dingy (late as usual) who should we bump into, but the 'Serendipity' family who we first met in Las Palmas in the Gran Canaries! We swapped stories about our Atlantic crossings, (we had no wind, they had too much!), and caught up on our travels. We also befriended an English couple, Tom and Judith, who run the T-shirt shop there. So we came away full of free wine and with some new friends!

Some Photos of Falmouth Harbour, filling up for the Classics Regatta:

classics.jpg (61056 bytes)    superyachts.jpg (68753 bytes)    dingy dock.jpg (76257 bytes) < Note how packed the dinghy dock is!  The Antigua Yacht Club is in the background  on the right.

dinghy dock2.jpg (96439 bytes)    sunset.jpg (70167 bytes)    wadadli.jpg (64692 bytes) < Advert for the local beer, Wadadli.


April 19th - The races for the Classic Regatta started today. Tom and David have managed to get a place as crew on 'Sylvia' a 150ft ketch built in 1927. After the races were finished for the day, Alex and Tom went to the local bar, the Mad Mongoose. They were chatting to the crew from 'Victoria' and who should they meet, but Cornish Phil from Fowey! They spent the rest of the night explaining how they had all ended up in Antigua, and learnt that Phil was 1st Mate on a private super yacht, 'Twirlybird'. Well done Phil!  Of course we didn't have the camera with us, so sadly we haven't got any photos. But we're planning to see him this summer . . . 


April 20th - Whilst Tom and David were out racing, Alex and Andrea went to Nelson's Dockyard, the only Georgian dockyard still in use today in the West Indies.  It's quite small, only one main dock, but all the original buildings have been restored, making it a nice place to look around. 

hotel.jpg (77685 bytes)    palm tree.jpg (85314 bytes)    hotel inside.jpg (79511 bytes) < The Old Copper and Lumber Store. Now it's a beautifully restored Hotel, and  not cheap either!

nelson1.jpg (71889 bytes)    slats.jpg (87810 bytes)    sundial.jpg (72348 bytes)    pillars.jpg (68217 bytes) < the original pillars that used to hold up the sail loft.


April 21st - Today Alex and Andrea got to join the crew on 'Sylvia', for the last race, along with the crew from 'Oceanstar', the schooner that Tom lived on, in his last year of high school. We were reunited with Steve and Jess, the skippers from 'Oceanstar' and we met some of the crew too, who were all college students. Typical that the day the rest of the family gets to join in with the racing, there's only about 5-10 knots of wind! Luckily David had taken the camera with him on the other days, so we got some nice shots of 'Sylvia' at her best.

bowsprit.jpg (111363 bytes)    deck 1.jpg (107888 bytes)    helm.jpg (98773 bytes)    view.jpg (83358 bytes)    

shackle 1.jpg (95128 bytes)    shackle2.jpg (65907 bytes) < On the 1st day of racing the pin in one of the shackles that hold the backstay broke! I think there were about 7 guys having to hold it down as they put a new one in.

Eleanora.jpg (68184 bytes) 'Eleanora'    stavros.jpg (72854 bytes)  'Stavros s Niarcos'    Valsheda3.jpg (49578 bytes) 'Valsheda'    windrose.jpg (54342 bytes)'Windrose'


smile.jpg (76858 bytes) < Tom and Alex with Laura and Kate from 'Oceanstar'

April 22nd - The prize giving was held tonight at Nelson's Dockyard. Sylvia came third in her class, so she got an etched glass as her prize. Andrea and David went, but Tom and Alex went to 'Oceanstar' to hang out with the crew!

entrance.jpg (94037 bytes) < The entrance to Nelson's Dockyard.


April 24th - Woke up at 7am to go to the capital of Antigua, St. Johns. We caught one of the local buses and bumped along the roads to the other side of the island. The bus route ended at the bus terminal in the town, and from  there we walked to the water front. We window shopped, it was mostly tourist shops, waiting for the cruise ships, but we did find a fantastic market selling fresh fruit and veg!

aids sign.jpg (135699 bytes) < A sign about AIDS, written in local dialect.    zico.jpg (66879 bytes) < A funny shop sign.

Lola.jpg (73643 bytes) < A puppy called Lola who we met at a cafe.    shop.jpg (540285 bytes) < The main street.


April 27th - Andrea's Birthday! We celebrated by having coffee with friends on the water, where Andrea opened her presents. Then we went to Life, a local restaurant/bar, and treated ourselves to Sunday Lunch! A nice relaxing morning and afternoon, that was topped off with us raising anchor at 5pm, to head back south to Dominica, and just in time for sunset too!

smile bday.jpg (100138 bytes) < The birthday girl!    what's this.jpg (84120 bytes) < Opening her presents.



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