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Carriacou, part of Grenada, is an easy going and friendly island. The word carriacou is Carib for 'island surrounded by reefs'. The people live by fishing and farming, and there is a growing cruising community.

May 29th - Arrived in Hillsborough to check into customs, and who anchors behind us, but Cheshire Cat! We haven't seen these guys since Bequia! It was too rolly to stay there, so we sailed around to Tyrrel Bay, where there's less wind, and all our friends. 

cheshire cat.jpg (58642 bytes)< Cheshire Cat sailing with us.    sailing to Tyrrel.jpg (77187 bytes)< Oh, it's a hard life!

May 30th - Had pizza with everyone at the Turtle Dove last night, we met up with 'coral Moon', and met some new cruisers too. Just when we see Coral Moon again, they leave today to go to Grenada! Well we'll see them there!

May 31st - We met up with 'Itza Purla' and 'Cheshire Cat' to have coffee at the yacht club. Then it was off in a bus to do a tour of the island.

group at bar.jpg (97766 bytes)< Coffees at the yacht club.    Tobago cat.jpg (52779 bytes)< One of the kittens that need a home, wish we could take him! We've named him Tobago, after our favourite island.

sprite.jpg (84845 bytes)< Alex with her giant sprite!




June 2nd - Raised anchor.

On to our last island, Grenada . . .