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Mayreau, positioned due west to the Tobago Cays, is a small dry island lined with pristine beaches. A short hike through the hills reveals a breathtaking view of the Cays, and the surrounding waters, as well as a small close knit community.


May 17th - After a perfect sail, in tandem with 'Annie B', we dropped our anchor behind 'Willow' in Salt Whistle Bay. The water is clear, and the bay is lined with a beautiful beach, covered in Palm trees. After we'd anchored Alex jumped in the water to cool off, and joined Brenda and John from 'Willow' for a snorkel. 

Annie B.jpg (51184 bytes)< 'Annie B' sailing with us into the bay.

May 18th - Went with 'Willow', 'Itza Purla', and Annie B to the church on Mayreau. It was a short and hot walk up the hill to the famous tiny church, and we were greeted with an amazing view of Tobago cays, and the rest of the Grenadines. 

walking 2.jpg (95458 bytes)< Jenny from 'Annie B', Andrea and Alex hiking up hill.    sign post.jpg (52992 bytes)< A kooky signpost!

Church.jpg (83848 bytes)< The church.    church interior 2.jpg (80691 bytes)< The interior.    church interior.jpg (71392 bytes)< the Altar.

Walking.jpg (56237 bytes)< Walking back, you can see the rest of  the Grenadines on the horizon

salt whistle 1.jpg (66776 bytes)    Salt whistle 2.jpg (71387 bytes)< The beach in Salt Whistle Bay.

1pm - We all upped anchor and decided to head to the Cays, since we'd heard that the weather was perfect over there, which is a rare occurrence! S off we went . . .

      Sail onto the Tobago Cays . . .