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Petit St. Vincent

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Petit St. Vincent, and Petit Martinique are a short sail from Union I. PSV is part of the Grenadines, and has a small hotel on shore, with a secluded anchorage. Petit Martinique is the larger island and part of Grenada.

May 27th - Anchored in pristine water, with 'Itza Purla' behind us and 'Willow' in front. On shore, all there is is a hotel, with private cottages hidden away in the vegetation, but there's a lovely beach running the length of the island.  Tonight we went over to IP for drinks and dinner, and to say goodbye to 'Willow' who are leaving tomorrow to sail down to Grenada, and then flying back home.

PSV.jpg (71568 bytes)< P.S.V    anchorage.jpg (87698 bytes)< Anchored with 'Willow'

May 28th - Went today to explore Petit Martinique, a short dinghy ride away. The first thing we saw as we came ashore was a group of school kids playing cricket after school. We made friends with  Bobby, who's 10, as we we're walking along, he was going home from school, and starting talking to us. We asked him where we can get ice cream, and after giving us directions we thought we'd invite him with us! He gulped down his nutmeg ice cream, and told us all about school, and that he wants to be a fisherman when he grows up, then he saw his brother on the road, an ran off to meet him, yelling his thank yous on the way.

sign.jpg (97368 bytes)    cricket.jpg (76559 bytes)< playing cricket.    road.jpg (117857 bytes)    door.jpg (98131 bytes)    watching.jpg (81729 bytes)

grave.jpg (89761 bytes)< He lived to 105yrs!    dump.jpg (116189 bytes)    road 2.jpg (87096 bytes)   

Bobby.jpg (60190 bytes)< Bobby    ice cream!.jpg (74967 bytes)< It's good ice cream!

May 29th - Raised our anchor after waving off 'Willow', we're going to a tiny deserted island just off PSV called Punaise. Then we left Alex there to fend for herself . . . no we just dinghied over, and took some photos.

island.jpg (65448 bytes)    standing island.jpg (66101 bytes)    standind far off island.jpg (44711 bytes)    sitting island.jpg (55956 bytes)

Now it's straight to Carriacou!

Follow us to Carriacou . . .