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Tobago Cays

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The Tobago Cays are four deserted islands protected by Horseshoe Reef. The water is pristine with reefs clearly visible, and beaches that seem to be out of the movies. It's no wonder the Cays are a popular place for cruisers, with it's unbeatable snorkelling, diving, and scenery.


May 18th -  In tandem with 'Willow', Itza Purla' and 'Annie B', we sailed over to the Cays. As we came out of the lee of the Salt Whistle Bay, the wind hit the sails, tipped us over to 30 degrees, and gave us 8 knots of speed. With everyone cracking along we we're in the Cays in 20 minutes. We navigated our way through the reefs and channels, making our way to the main anchorage, right by the reef that protects the Cays from the Atlantic swell.

dad sailing to Cays.jpg (37813 bytes)    waving from cockpit.jpg (51894 bytes)< sailing to the Cays  flags.jpg (30734 bytes)< Flying our Cornish, and Grenadine flag.

anchorage willow.jpg (35443 bytes)< Willow anchoring, with Petit Tabac in the background.    mum anchoring.jpg (67684 bytes)< Andrea setting the anchor.

Petit Bateau beach.jpg (47421 bytes)< The beach on the largest island, Petit Bateau (Little Boat).

May 19th - With the perfect weather, low winds, and no swell, we decided to check out the snorkelling. We picked a spot along the huge horseshoe reef, and tied our dinghies to the mooring ball. Diving over the side, we realized the water was only 5ft deep, perfect for snorkelling! Swimming around looking at the marine life, it was like swimming in an aquarium, with clear water, and more colourful fish and coral then we'd ever seen. It was perfect, close enough to see all the details, and enough room to not worry about damaging coral, there even seemed to be natural paths through the coral for you to swim through! I don't know how long we spent there, but soon we got tired, and all warmed up and relaxed in our dinghies.

snorkelling raft up.jpg (43400 bytes)< Willow, Just in Time, Itza Purla and Cop Out.

Alex snorkelling.jpg (42636 bytes)< Alex enjoying the water!    Brenda snorkel.jpg (44952 bytes)< Brenda waving.


May 20th - Andrea and David's 25th Wedding Anniversary! What a place to be for celebration! We've organized a potluck on our favourite beach on Jamesby Island, with a ceremony and renewing of vows. We took the morning easy, then around 4pm we got our things together and dinghied to the beach.

alex&andrea.jpg (75662 bytes)    from above.jpg (83035 bytes)    women sorting out.jpg (82836 bytes)< The ladies setting up for the ceremony.

The Ceremony: birds eye view.jpg (60333 bytes)    family.jpg (74193 bytes)   dad washing mum's feet.jpg (89151 bytes)    mum washing dad's feet.jpg (76200 bytes)  

      ringing.jpg (93973 bytes)    hug.jpg (63420 bytes) The renewing of the vows   

family 2.jpg (74683 bytes)    smile!.jpg (81983 bytes)< Smile!    Toast!.jpg (74383 bytes)< Cheers!

sunset on water.jpg (52868 bytes)    PICT2071.jpg (62415 bytes)    sunset 2.jpg (53684 bytes)< The beautiful sunset.


May 21st - Well the anchorage seems to be emptying, even though the weather is unbelievable perfect. A light breeze, when normally you're lucky to get less then 15 knots of wind.

What a view! >empty anchorage.jpg (42906 bytes)

    Today we hiked up to the top of Petit Bateau island, to view the Cays from there. It was better then we imagined, and as we climbed higher and higher the view kept getting better! When we reached the top we saw a boat leaving and realized it was 'Itza Purla', heading to Union Island, they were a tiny dot in an ocean of turquoise water. Couldn't help but take too many photos, of the anchorage, and the beautiful waters around it. We also took some photos of 'Gallant' from the dinghy.

alex driving dinghy.jpg (71644 bytes)    mum dinghy.jpg (68883 bytes)< Driving the dinghy around taking photos of 'Gallant'.

gallant.jpg (52371 bytes)    gallant 2.jpg (57777 bytes)   Perfect boat.jpg (66426 bytes)    gallant side view.jpg (61074 bytes)< The pictures of 'Gallant' from the dinghy.

Itza Purla.jpg (62448 bytes)< Itza Purla.    willow.jpg (79196 bytes)< Willow.   Took photos of our friends boat's too!

alex beach.jpg (86835 bytes)    A & A on beach.jpg (75587 bytes)    andrea& david under palm.jpg (102978 bytes)< The beach at Petit Bateau. It really looks like this!

   Walking up the dry island, and the view from half way>   a & a path.jpg (160577 bytes)    view1.jpg (105808 bytes)  Andrea & Alex cactus.jpg (138434 bytes)

view 2.jpg (94252 bytes)< Itza Purla leaving for Union I.    the gang 2.jpg (64239 bytes)    the gang.jpg (68461 bytes)< The Gang anchored in paradise!


May 25th - I think we've snorkelled every part of the reef here, and we need to do some provisioning, so it's time to up anchor! It's shame to leave such a beautiful place, but we've have to leave some time! We're heading off to Union Island, a short hop across.

Breeze on over to Union Island . . .


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