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Union Island

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Situated to the SW of Tobago Cays, Union is a mountainous island. With it's unique outline, it's easy to pick out, and it's main town, Clifton, is protected by colourful reefs.


May 23rd - We had the perfect sail over here! Steady wind from the stern, making it comfortable and fast, of course the best sails are the shortest . . . it only took 30 minutes! We  dropped our anchor in Clifton at 12:45pm, the bay here is only protected by a reef so it's very windy and rolly, plus we're a bit squashed in. I think we'll be moving on to a more sheltered and spacious bay once we're checked in. Once again there's the whole gang here, 'Itza Purla', 'Willow', and 'Coral Moon'!

Clifton: fishing  boats.jpg (77999 bytes)    main street.jpg (96549 bytes)    red boat.jpg (103679 bytes)    side street.jpg (109726 bytes)    veg shack.jpg (109289 bytes)    blue door.jpg (59167 bytes)    

cool spot.jpg (84011 bytes)     road.jpg (118119 bytes)    Some kids who wanted their picture taken! girls posing.jpg (57341 bytes)    sister & brother.jpg (60065 bytes)


May 25th - We're going to follow everyone else's example and sail round to Chatham Bay, apparently there's a lot more room there, and it's not blowing a gale!

cow hike.jpg (105983 bytes)< On a hike from Chatham Bay to Clifton, we encountered a cow! 

May 27th - After a few days in a nice peaceful anchorage, we're going to leave to go furthur south. 'Willow is going to Petit St. Vincent (PSV), and it may be the last time we see them before they go back to the USA, so I think we're going to follow them, with 'Itza Purla'. 'Coral Moon' is going to Carriacou, we'll catch up with them in a couple of days.

Sail over to P.S.V. . .